Right Now


Dylan Griffiths, Co-managing Editor

I woke up with my bedding twisted around my left leg. The air in my room was chilling. The bedding slid along my skin as I slinked out. Languidly, I walked to the window. The blind was pulled up and let brilliant white light in, blinding me momentarily. Removing my hand from my eyes, I gazed at the first snow of the season. The entire world was peacefully resting under the blanket provided by the sky. Frost gathered at the lower third of the pane, stretching the furthest up at the edges. I glided my finger against the cold glass. Moisture stuck to my finger seeking a warmer refuge. With a quick flick, I sent a single droplet flying to be absorbed by the carpet.
The wooden stairs softly creaked with age as I took them one at a time. The base of the stairs had worn a lighter shade from countless journeys up and down them. The ground floor was crisper than my bedroom. My bare feet took a few seconds to adjust to the temperature. Swiftly moving to the kitchen, I grabbed the kettle and filled it, pulling the matchbox from the drawer to the left of the stove, I centered the kettle. The match lit on the first strike. I stood on my tiptoes to reach the desired silver can. Inside was powdered heaven. Hot chocolate never failed to warm me with memories of snow days with my brother. The sweet liquid brought tranquility as I relived childhood magic.

I headed to the couch and pulled the blanket to my knees. Sipping, I watched the snowflakes swirl down. This morning was perfect. There was nothing to do, no pressing matters. Today would be with movies by the fireplace. Right now, I was the only one awake in the house. There was no sound of traffic, only my thoughts. While my parents would wake soon, I enjoyed my time alone. Tomorrow the world would heat back up, and my responsibilities would return. Right now, there was nothing to worry me. Right now, I enjoyed the snow day.