The Second Shutdown


Dylan Griffiths, Co-Managing Editor

On Friday, November 13th, Jefferson County announced that schools would be returning to remote learning. For Green Mountain High School, this means a continuation of the hybrid schedule but in a fully virtual environment. While the number one concern right now is public health, this change will be hard for students and staff. Eight months ago, on March 13th, the first Covid-19 shutdown came out of the blue. With little notice and no time to plan, schools were forced into a scramble to organize. Many schools went with an asynchronous learning schedule, causing a decline in overall content learned. Now, schools have had a few months to prepare plans and to work out any problems with their system. Green Mountain will continue to have four synchronous days, while Fridays will be asynchronous. The staff has done well to provide office hours every day where students can receive one-on-one or grouped support from their teachers. From the start of the year, Green Mountain has been open to all feedback. The flexibility and openness to change have greatly improved the learning environment. Ashley Bolinger, a sophomore at Green Mountain High School, says, “I personally find the remote learning style tedious and unmotivating. Being in school and surrounded by friends is what I enjoyed most about high school, I’m sad to see that go.” The reality of the current world is challenging. Everyone has had to sacrifice some of their favorite activities for the greater good. While a return to virtual learning is a disappointing, the main concern is public health.