The Orange Sticky Note – Part Two


Taryn McGraw, Staff Reporter

A couple of months have passed since the first time I received the note. My secret pen pal and I have become fast friends, at least I’d like to think so, but we’ve never discussed our relationship or have even spoken in person. The conversations are slow, as to be expected since we can only write a short message to one another each day, but that just makes things better as we don’t rush to find out more about each other. 

The first week was a little rough for me since I had no idea who I was talking to. I’ve asked them, but they said that they do not want to disclose that information yet, but told me that she is female and the same age as I am. 

It so happens, though, that we have the same interests and we have the same favorite author. One week, I described one of my favorite books – a story about a princess named Gabriella falling in love with a commoner boy named Joseph. What makes this story one of my favorites is that the princess is very popular and she is just so bright and happy, yet she chose to fall in love with someone without power or authority. I relate this to my life as I am just a nerd who doesn’t talk to many people and reading this book makes me dream of a life where someone falls in love with me, despite my antisocial tendencies.

This conversation was the first personal conversation my pen pal and I have had, so it took a lot of courage in saying so. My pen pal responded by saying that it is a very cute story, as she has read it too, and disagreed with the fact that it was a dream, rather a prediction of the future instead; I just have to be patient. It was then when my pen pal asked me to refer to them as Gabriella after the princess. Even though it isn’t her real name, it felt nice to finally feel closer to her.

To make matters crazier, my pen pal has talked to Payton and she refuses to tell me who it is, no matter how many times I beg her. Payton informed me that my pen pal is indeed female and my age to confirm that she has been telling the truth. My pen pal even brought up the fact that I thought she could have been a murderer and hasn’t let that one go, hinting at it every once in a while to annoy and tease me.

Then, after half a year of talking and getting to know one another, I gather a lot of courage to finally get the one thing that has been bothering me this whole time that I’ve been talking to Gabriella.

I write with a shaking hand: Okay, I know that we’ve been talking for a long time, but I just want to ask why. Why did you reach out to me that day six months ago? Why did you reach out to someone with hardly any friends – some loser that nobody would care about? 

After writing that, I can’t stay still. I get up to leave almost immediately finishing the note, going home and sitting in my room for the rest of the night. I don’t even know how I actually slept that night due to my nervousness. The next day, I am surprised to see a letter on regular notebook paper instead of the regular orange sticky note. I sit down and carefully hold it up.


Dear Nicholas,

I didn’t know I brought all of these insecurities out of you by not revealing my purposes behind reaching out to you like this. To be honest, I was scared. I’ve seen you at the cafe almost every day after school and I just wanted to reach out to you and get to know you. Seeing your head buried in a book, ignoring the outside world, really stuck with me. The facial expressions you make when a part in your book is getting exciting, sad, or even frustrating made me want to keep watching (I know that sounds a bit weird). I reached out the way I did because I know you aren’t that social, so I didn’t know how you would have reacted if I just walked up to you and started talking. I didn’t want to be rejected.

As you can guess by all of this sappy writing, I am confessing to you. I like you and I want to meet you. You can relate this to your favorite book. You may think of yourself as below others due to your antisocial behavior, but just as Gabriella fell in love with the commoner boy named Joseph, I am enamored with you.

You can throw away this letter if you choose to do so and if you don’t respond, I will not contact you again. Thank you for these amazing months of getting to know you.



Your Gabriella


I sit there quietly and still, feeling more shocked than I did when I received the first sticky note. I don’t know how to respond as I’ve never been confessed to before, let alone by someone I’ve never met. The only thing I do know is that I don’t want things to end.

I reach into my backpack and pull out a bright orange sticky note of my own.

I write: Thank you for telling me all of this and to be honest, I don’t know how I feel for certain. I mean, I’ve never even met you in person. All I know is that I feel like I have the capacity to love you and I would love to meet you as soon as possible.

Having left that message, I depart the cafe, both nervous and excited for what is to come in the future. I am more jittery than yesterday and sleeping ended up being completely impossible. 

The next day, I walk into the cafe, a little tired from the lack of rest, and walk up the register. I give a small smile to Payton, who beams at me and prepares my usual order.

I walk over to the table with a little hop to my step. I find another bright orange sticky note where it always has been. Without a second to lose, I snatch it and hold it up.

All that is on it is a simple sentence: As you wish. 

I sit there confused as to what Gabriella could mean by this statement. It doesn’t give me specifics as to when I am going to be meeting her. 

As I am staring at the note, my coffee cup was placed right in front of me instead of off to the side like it has always been placed. I look up and watch as Payton gives me a small grin with a wink before walking back to the counter. 

I grab the coffee cup to move to the side when I notice something crinkle where I placed my fingers. I turn the cup around and found an orange sticky note that read:

Enjoy it while it’s hot, Your Gabriella