A Collection of Short Poems

Madeline Spragins, Staff Reporter

You ask why I’m so angry all the time
But in this society you’ve built,
How could I not be?

They tell me I’m too young
They say I don’t understand
But the truth is
They fear me and my passion

When everything seems to crumble
It is our time
To rise.

If everything was perfect
We would never know
The beauty of the struggle.

Don’t waste your time on wishing
When the time to act
Is now.

Though the journey may leave us breathless
Led by the light of a distant star
Though our problems may seem endless
And leave us with too many scars
We’ll prove ourselves relentless
For no path worth following is too far.

Fire inside us
Leaping and glowing
A light surrounding us, overflowing
Making us strong, united we became,
Embers and coals, the last of the flame