The Glory of the Old Snow Days


Dylan Griffiths, Co-Managing Editor

My alarm went off, the piercing beeps woke me from my sleep. The thrill of excitement hits me as I open my eyes for the first time this morning. I quickly grab my phone to confirm my hopes. The night before I sat on the couch with my family as the news informed us of the snow storm that was arriving. I had gone to bed anxious. I had dreamed of hot chocolate, sitting by the fireplace, watching big fluffy snowflakes falling to the ground. I hopped onto the school districts website and YES, I had a snow day. There was nothing better than the feeling of not having to do anything. A break in what could feel like an endless stream of homework and tests was finally here. I quickly texted my friends and we started to make exciting plans for the day. Today was going to be awesome.

My alarm went off, the piercing beeps woke me from my sleep. There was no thrill. It was already confirmed that all students were remote today. I grabbed my phone to see anger-filled rants from my friends. Last night we had gotten the call that confirmed that everyone would be conducting remote learning. I had gone to bed knowing that I would have to watch the snow fall out of the corner of my eye while I sat on yet another video call. I knew that there would be issues with power and Wifi, but I would still have to learn. I knew that there was no break in the endless stream of school. There was no end to the hardship of this year. Everyone else in the state could sleep in, but I had to sit, staring at the same computer screen as I had for the past year.