Digital Home

Ashley Bollinger, Staff Reporter

Your mind’s ablaze with knowledge,

A screen lurid in your eyes.

While you’re sluggishly unwilling,

To see the online guise.


Star gazed and over-grazed, 

Your head is full of newness.

In front of you the worlds ablaze,

The white light you see is moonless.


You feel that you’re unfeeling,

Seeping into numbness.

Yet you welcome all the reeling,

Bleeding into oneness.


Awake, you are asleep,

Striving through infinity.

Behind your eyes thoughts creep,

Of this never-ending captivity.


Clocks tick in pattering pulses,

Slowing every time.

Obeying all of your impulses,

You’re idled by design.


Defining your emptiness,

You want and never find.

Underlying is illness,

Fiery eyes and sore mind.


This digital home, 

Bleak and unfriendly,

Is founding your alone.