The Reintroduction of Sol

Presley Nemecek, Staff Reporter

It was the fall of 2019 where David Gleason announced the creation of a new choir at Green Mountain High School. Most students are familiar with Silhouettes (the Men’s Choir), Illusions (the Women’s Choir), Images (the Advanced Women’s Choir), and most namely, Shadows of the Mountain (the top choir at Green Mountain High School). This new choir, called Sol, was nothing seen before at the high school. It was limited to 16 members who each had their own handheld microphone and they only sang a capella jazz pieces. They opened at the 2019 Christmas choir concert and hadn’t performed since. Until last week.

COVID is intrusive in a lot of ways. It shut down things the students loved doing. Including Sol. The a cappella jazz choir disappeared until these past two months. In November, Mr. Gleason announced the reintroduction of Sol and opened auditions to anyone. A week later, the list of those who made it was posted. Those who made it are beyond grateful to get in and be able to be in an elite choir. As Courtney Whitlow puts it, she loves “working together towards the same end goal of singing great music for all who want to hear it”. Sol only practiced a handful of times but was prepared and performed at the Christmas Concert this past Thursday and Friday. 

The Christmas Choir Concert consisted of all the choirs who sang a number of festive songs. Sol showed off the new sound system and microphones by singing a gospel version of “O Holy Night”. The sound system consisted of 16, $2,000 microphones provided through fundraising. Thanks to the choir boosters, Sol was able to increase in size and add two additional mics this year. This allows more people to immerse themselves in jazz and participate in the choir.

Even with the early morning and late afternoon practices, everyone in Sol is ecstatic to see where the choir goes and how much they’ll grow. Come see the new choir, Sol, at the next choir concert on March 17th, 2022!