Green Mountain School Events in Light of COVID


Presley Nemecek, Staff Reporter/Social Media Manager

For Green Mountain high school, they have had the luxury of having some normalcy at school in light of the hundreds of thousands of COVID cases nationally. Compared to last year, Green Mountain was hybrid for most of the year and even remote for some of the year. Now, they are able to return to class with only masks and some of their classmates disappearing for a week if they get COVID to show for the pandemic. Yet, last week as a nation there was a boom in cases, witnessing a new high.

In light of the new peak of 800,000+ cases a day, there has been a supposed significant decrease this week. So far cases are averaging around 600,000+ cases a day, according to the New York Times. This is still pretty significant from last winter’s peak (around 300,000+ cases a day). This is not meant to get you down. Quite the opposite. Cases are decreasing and possibly foreshadows a steady decline nationally in COVID cases. Plus, even with the cases, events at Green Mountain High school have just been postponed.

For instance, Winterfest is typically held in the middle of January, but was postponed due to the rise in cases. Now, it is more of a Valentine’s day dance as it will be two days before the day of love. It’s February 12th from 7 to 10. Tickets went on sale this week for $10 for Juniors and Seniors. There are only 500 tickets available as it is first come first serve. If there are any tickets left come February, the remaining tickets will be available to Freshman and Sophomore students on the 1st. There will be no tickets available at the door and the dance is only open to Green Mountain students. 

As for other events to raise school spirit, there will be a spirit week leading up to the dance from the 7th to the 11th. Monday will be pajama day, Tuesday will be dress like a teacher, Wednesday is ‘Well Dressed Wednesday’, Thursday is Dad day, and Friday is black and gold day. 

Even with all of the COVID cases, there are still things that are normal in the school to raise spirits. Participate in spirit week and maybe go to the dance! Or support our basketball teams and go to games. COVID is still looming, but that shouldn’t get you down. Be safe, but you can still have fun.