The Stress of the College Search

Lily Bell, Staff Reporter

Junior year is notoriously known around the country for being the hardest year of high school, but what many people do not talk about is why it is hard. One of the hardest, most stressful, but still fun parts of junior year is beginning the search for a college. Some students begin looking at options for college in their freshman or sophomore years, but most do not. For students that choose to go to college, finding the right college with the best programs and extracurricular activities can be challenging and stressful. Despite that, it is also fun to think about the many opportunities that are available in the future. College provides a path for students to study something that they love, while still being able to have fun, with friends, through extra-curricular activities, and study abroad.
There are several main stressors that appear when looking at a college. First, there are thousands of colleges around the country, and it can be hard to find one that is a good fit, academically, financially and that has interesting extracurriculars. It can be very overwhelming, but to help, students have access to tools like Naviance that can aid with the college search. Another source of stress for students is the financial aspect of college. In the United States, going to a college or university is expensive. Some schools can cost up to 80,000 dollars a year without financial aid. Again, Naviance and resources in the HUB can help students find scholarships, so this does not have to be too stressful.
To everyone that is stressed about anything related to college, remember that continuing on to college is an exciting opportunity that not everyone gets, and everything will work out, no matter what happens.