“The Plot Like Gravy, Thickens” Review

Dylan Griffiths, Editor-in-Chief

Green Mountain High School’s production of The Plot Like Gravy, Thickens was a captivating and hilarious show. Humor and wit embedded into every part of the show kept the audience laughing and invested. Repeating bits like calling the victim “Edward Worthington III” at every mention, the shivers at even the thought of whipped potatoes, which the audience joined in on, to stepping over the outline of the body, seamlessly created a comedic murder mystery. Perhaps the best part was the audience engagement. If pauses and fourth wall breaks from Walter, played masterfully by senior Ashton Adair, were not enough, the opportunity for viewers to ask the suspects questions made the piece an encompassing event. The actors responded brilliantly in character, causing yet more laughter.

Dylan Griffiths

The cast consisted of many talented young people. Jonas Boucher’s double role as the victim and Lt. James McMillan, Natalya Ocana’s screaming and elegantly deceiving Allegra, and the rest of the cast played off one another beautifully. While every character made their impression, Beatrice Worthington was the most lovable. The kind lady, with a slight kleptomania, stole the night. Her love for “shinies” and adorable behavior were the perfect addition to the grim murder—the result of Maslin Mason’s spectacular ability. And no one could forget Tobias, the yellow stuffed dinosaur who helps find and stash all her found treasures.

The impeccable show, however, would have been nothing without its backdrop. As the guide for the night’s events, Walter introduced the audience to the scene. French and barn doors provided the perfect entrances and (dramatic) exits as the characters moved about the mansion. While just a single set, the details were intricate and purposeful, providing an immersive experience. For their bows, the cast and crew danced to “Macarena”, receiving one last laugh from the audience. Student Director JJ Foster and Stage Manager Sierra Longley should be proud of the exceptional work they accomplished.

You can check out theatre and all they offer at the GMHS Showcase Night on Thursday, November 10. Orchestra, choir, and band will also be presenting their opportunities. Additionally, I implore you to see Green Mountain’s spring musical Little Shop of Horrors next semester, which is sure to be another marvelous show by Director Barbara Amberg.