The Ram Page

Letter to the Editor Policy

The Ram Page welcomes letters to the editor.

Please follow these rules when submitting:

  • Submit your letter as part of the body of an email.
  • Letters must be limited to 300 or fewer words.
  • Avoid ALL CAPS, italics, or bold text.  It will not be transcribed.
  • No name calling or “mud slinging.”  Letters should be free of “bashing” or obscenity. Letters to the editor do not reflect the views of the newspaper staff and will be available to read on webpages designated as such.
  • When referring to information that is not commonly known, cite a source.  Information must be verifiable.
  • When referring to or quoting the words of another person, we must be able to verify the words came from the person you identify as having said them.  This necessarily means that the words you are quoting must come from an independently available publication, a transcript of a public meeting, or a verifiable audio or video recording.
  • Ideas and opinions must be your own.  They must be in your own words.
  • The staff reserves the right to edit letters for potentially libelous material and length. The staff will not edit letters for punctuation, grammar and usage.
  • Letters with considerable issues will not be published.